One Poem by Peach Delphine

local bitch

nothingness came to feed 
                                                     between spoon and mouth
burning authenticity for fragrance odd light licking
              burning memory the better to taste each word 
new again 
                    argent flowering in the eye crushed by cyan
diffused litanies in voices of forgotten mangoes
unpicked avocados plummeting from treetop 
splattering on galvanized roof 
                                                              down alley a woman sings of sugar 
mornings someone is always speaking for me
telling me what is actually rolling around the noggin 
mildly reassuring with all these other voices
in echelon gliding wave top into early am 

“a real poet buys books, not weed” so we fired another 
          distance management combines space and time
loaded word ever ready 
                                                sleeping with one foot against the door 
template peeled mouthworn wind 
                                                                       tourist trash
this colonial enterprise
                                               condos vacation rentals built on so many restless sleepers
we don’t dress for such
                                                brittle as bleached coral 
we dress for the sun burning through horizon relentless 
flowering moon we dress for each other
                                                                                   faces pollen shimmering
mouth stuffed with ache of cloudless sky 
you can cry need be as the eye drowns in mirroring
 wave action
                         if we are not of salt water we are nothing 
flyway zebra longwings, Gulf fritillaries, yellow sulfur, red admirals,  
garden flowering
                                   pastels on your lips tendrilled wind hair tangled
burnished drifts of shell 
                                                  mullet slapping grass flats
              as when you pushed me against the railing 
 tongue twined 
                              hands containing all 
                                                                        unfolding tide of breath 
sweeter than guava blood thick abraded sand scoured
deeper than when you own my mouth 
                                                                              ever so malleable flesh
tongue and lips palate word torn angular
  spilling breath  
                                days stunned by skillet heat unbearable blue sky
  birds unfolding from sandbar reclaiming wind
we love like beings spawned in fire
                                                                        interlocked in our jaggedness
 we hold to that bright flowering
     each day as incandescent as last
                                                                       each waking flame a prayer
                                                       when we speak of moon and sea
 it is to arm ourselves to bind ourselves 
                                                                          to something beyond faith 
to tether ourselves to something not human 
to what lives within
              when we speak it is the slur of kerosene
 flame blossoming tongue 
                                                      driving rhythm of hammer and nail
  relentless relentless relentless relentless just this 
and one step more 


Peach  Delphine is a trans poet from Tampa, Florida.