beestung is a quarterly online micro-magazine for non-binary and two-spirit writers and readers, with an emphasis on intracommunity sensibilities. beestung resists the canon and all forms of bigotry.

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Issue #11 — The All-Fiction issue — Spring 2022

“I’m going to fuck a god. I heard if you’re good they grant wishes. I heard they make you holy. I heard they change you if you ask, bittersweet, in the afterglow.”


Temper Me to Pieces by Hale
(De) Composition by Kit Lascher
The Fox by Bishop V. Navarro
Ratmilk by Never Angeline North
Your Childhood Best Friend Gets Her Hands on Some Questionable Dope by Jasmine Sawers
Dear Reader by Min Straussman
SINGLE CAPRICORN by Abigail Swoboda
good boy by travis tate
some stories never #lyft you up by Addie Tsai
cool air by Edward Wells

Guest-edited by paparouna.